I'm the firstborn son of a father called Ernő, and a mother called Ildikó. I was born on a cold winter day dated as the 10th of January 1991. I have spent my childhood like any other millenial of the 90s. Playing games on my computer and some football with my friends on the streets of Hosszúpályi, my hometown. After elementary school I went to middle school in Debrecen. Where I feel in love with IT and programming. After that I attended the local University where I learnt a bit more about IT, but started working while I finished my studies. I have developed a passion for scripting and programming.

I run a YouTube channel called r3ap3rpy, it's a documentation of my journey. I have a GitHub repository aswell which serves as a collection of my creations. You may want to check out my GitHub.io page for the latest updates. I have several courses on Udemy, mostly about programming languages, but your will also find courses on Monitoring and Automation frameworks too. You will also find me on SkillShare. I am the author of several guides on PluralSight, you find them under my name! Currently I am most proud of the join project I had with ECCouncil, and I had the chance to teach 🐍 to military personel.

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Don't hesitate to contact me if you are in need of an experienced 🐍Python trainer! I also have experience teaching Grafana, Zabbix, Ichinga monitoring and observability tools. If you need a custom solution for your digital problems I can be of help.

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